Why isn't your plans unlimited? I see other competitors offering unlimited!

Offering truly unlimited data would be in direct violation of our contractual obligations to the carriers and other partners. Simply put, if you notice others offering truly unlimited data with no restrictions, it's probably an organization skirting the rules and probably in direct violation of the terms and conditions / wireless agreement. Every plan, regardless of whether it's a cell phone plan or tablet, contain abuse clauses. The carriers abuse clauses supercedes any agreement you may have with us or other companies. While we try our best to offer competitive plans, we don't cut corners to obtain customers. We believe in keeping you connected. Within the reselling community, there's often stories of shutdowns and "ghosting", leaving customers stranded without service for weeks on end. We don't believe in this mentality and business practice, so we work closely with partners and carriers to mitgate any issues, with our top priority keeping you connected at all times.

What are typical speeds like? Do you throttle / slow my speeds?

Speeds are dependent on the carrier, location, and setup. Typical speeds are generally 5G, LTE and LTE-Advance speeds and up. For our international customers, some areas will only receive 3G service due to lack of infrastructure within the country you're in. Within Northern America, you'll typically get LTE speeds or higher, which can range from 6-100+ MBPS (megabits per second). Service is unthrottled, with no speed caps. Service is comparable to current cellular technology. Although service isn't throttled or slowed for any reason, the respective carrier may reprioritize your data in times of congestion. Reprioritization is done by carriers to avoid service degradation for all customers, regardless of location. This generally does not impact your speed or quality of service, but please keep in mind that cellular data speeds are variable.

Are their refunds on the service after 14 days? If I cancel within by bill cycle (or I cancel the PayPal subscription), can I get a refund?

When you cancel the subscription (or alternatively, write us expressing your need to cancel), we send the request to the respective carrier to cancel your service. On our end, when we pay for the service, we pay the entire month of service, even if we cancel your line. We don't get a prorated bill for the service. In other words, we pay the entire month of service for your line even if you only used a few days and request to cancel. Because we offer prepaid serivce, we unfortunately cannot offer a refund on the service after the initial 14 day period of you becoming a new customer. If you were referred here from one of our affiliates, you were already granted a 14 day trial period from that specific affiliate. The 14 day risk-free trial is only given via this website if you sign up directly. In other words, if you signed up from one of our affiliates, and then chose to subscribe to our service and cancelled a few days after your PayPal subscription started, the service is not refundable. All service is prepaid and nonrefundable after the initial 14 day trial period, whether that's from our website or an affiliate. Our prepaid service works similar to the four large carriers, if you cancel prepaid service, you forfeit the remaining days of service (if any) and the service no longer works. We want you to have total control and convenience for our service, that's why we simply ask you to cancel the PayPal subscription when you no longer need the service, but please don't do so until you're ready to actually cancel. We would appreciate a heads up if you write us explaining why you want to cancel, but it's not necessary. If you do not agree with the terms of this service, please let us know within 24 hours and we will cancel your subscription with full refund.

How does your global plan work? What are typical international speeds?

When you travel, your hotspot will be registered primarily with the original carrier in the United States. Once your hotspot or router enters a foreign country, a message gets sent to the original carrier in question, sets rules and parameters for your data, and routes your data back to a partner within the country you're in. Although it adds a bit more latency this way, it is an excellent solution for people who enjoy living abroad and traveling frequently. Speeds are heavily dependent on which country you're in. Some countries still only have 3G speeds, while others have LTE-A. Due to the various partners across the globe, it's impossible to give an estimate on speed, but it's generally satisfactory enough to do almost anything you would otherwise do at home!

I get "NAT" issues when gaming, how can I fix this?

Depending on your device, it can simply be a few tweeks in your settings to fix. However, some gaming, security, and other applications require a static IP. This is something that's not standard within our offerings but we can still provide to you. Please reach out to us on our contact page for more details.

I want to refer others to your service. Do I get credit if I do so? Do you offer affiliate links or partnerships?

Yes! If you successfully refers others to the service and they sign up, you get half off your bill for the current month in a form of an immediate credit! It is stackable as well, and we have successful affiliates that regularly earn $2000 or more monthly, just off referrals alone. Please use the contact us page for more information.

I'm a current customer, but not on the global plan. I want to use it for a month or two. Can I "upgrade" to use it for a short amount of time?

We handle these requests on a case by case basis. We generally follow these guidelines to determine how we can help you: 1). We need at least a week notice, along with being a current customer. 2). You will need a new SIM card (We will guide you on this). 4). We ask that you have sufficient tenureship with us, at least three months for consideration and six months to guarantee and reserve a line. Customers with tenureship get priority. In the future we will be adding a calendar / reservation system which you can reserve the plan in advance for your travels. We also understand that you might want to enjoy your services abroad, so regardless of your situation, we do handle your request on a case by case basis. Due to strong demand, we cannot accommodate every request. To ensure a better chance of the request being fulfilled, please follow the guidelines above.

Will my account work if my bill isn't current? If I'm past due and need time to pay, how can I arrange that?

If you're subscribed, you have a grace period of five days to pay on your due date. In other words, PayPal will "skip" the payment if there's no payment profile or if there's insufficient funds. Please ensure your payment profile is updated to avoid any disconnections after the initial five day grace period.

I cancelled / I stopped paying for the service and want to return. How can I?

To resume service, please fill out the necessary information on our Contact page. Depending on your service, we may be able to resume your service with the current SIM card. In other instances, a new SIM card may be required. Please reach out to us to verify whether we can resume using your old SIM card.